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Montessori Tips for My Toddler Boy

Current efforts to discourage habit: “no throw” or timeout.
Montessori explanation : parents should reserve no for very life threatening dangerous things. Otherwise the word no will lose its power and the child will tune it out if you over use it. Throwing is an appropriate behavior when done outside with a ball for example. So when he throws then you say “we throw outside, let’s go outside and throw this ball.” Overtime toddler will understand this is the acceptable environment to throw and which items are appropriate for throwing and which are not.

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Mouthing objects:
My toddler puts everything in his mouth.
Current way of discouraging – remind him “no mouth”, physically blocking and putting down the object from entering his mouth, reminding him, taking objects away.
Montessori input: if you toddler is a mouther they will naturally try to mouth everything. The solution is to have only one item that is mouth-OK such as a wet wash cloth. I had suggested a Sofie without realizing that’s a “baby toy” and we don’t want the toddler associating with the baby since Montessori emphasizes independence.

Mouthing objects

“Toilet training” method:
Change diapers standing up. Plop poop into the toilet and flush for the visual aid. After clean up- sit down on the potty for the normalization aspect. And wash hands to complete the process.

toilet training

As a momma of two boys under two, I always love to hear tips or tricks that other mommas have discovered that works best for their little ones.  Feel free to share any tricks with me by emailing me at or commenting on our geekandtrendy instagram page.  Hopefully the tips that I have learned from Montessori will help other mommas deal with their toddlers too.

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