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Geek and Trendy Baby Shower Fun STEP 2: Geekify Your Invites

Greetings fellow geeks!  This is Geek and Trendy second blog post on how to throw a geek themed baby shower. In this post we will go over how to create a geek-tastic invite.  If you missed our last blog, CLICK HERE to read our Introduction and catch up on STEP 1.

STEP 2:  Create Your Invite

There are numerous choices of online sites to help you design and create your one of a kind baby shower invitation.  For our Geek and Trendy Baby Brunch, Sara decided to use  She was able to create and email online invitation at a minimal cost.  The great thing about creating your invitation online is that there is no fee to design the invitation.  You only have to pay fees based on how many evites you choose to email out. (Wohoo, extra money towards awesome food and decorations!) For those of you who loves keepsakes, for a small fee, you can order a printed version of the invitation.

For  Florence’s baby shower, Sara decided to go for a mad science geek theme so she found a cute atom and flask wallpaper to use as background for the invitation.   For an extra touch of geek chic, she threw in the iconic black rim eye glasses.  Below is our geeky invitation.

Baby Geek Invite

Attached to the invite was a note to guests requesting that they submit (in advance) their baby pictures to the host in preparation for a round of “Guess the Geek” at the party. They also had to submit what kind of geek they considered themselves to be.  For example, a “gamer geek” or “Star Wars geek.”  Read more about this in our coming blog on how to geekify traditional baby shower games.

Introduction to Geek and Trendy Baby Shower Fun STEP 1: Choose a Theme

Hello everyone! This is Geek and Trendy first official blog post! We are very excited to show you how to throw a Geek themed baby shower. From geeky decorations to how-to geekify traditional baby shower games…Geek and Trendy has got you covered!

Decorative Onesie

For starters, a quick introduction: we are Florence and Sara, best friends, creators, screen printers and seamstresses behind Geek and Trendy, house of the all things fashionably geeky.

Geek and Trendy baby Shower Image 1

We believe that being smart and geeky is cool. To us, a geek is someone who is unique, an individual with strong passion and point of view. We are geeky. We are unique. We are stylish and we are proud!

In November of 2015, Florence was 8 months pregnant with her second baby boy. Sara, being an enthusiastic auntie-to-be and also a DIY, Pinterest, party planning machine, decided to celebrate by throwing Florence a baby shower. Our friends and families had such a blast so they suggested that we should blog about how it was done so that’s what we are doing.

Because Sara incorporated so many fun ideas and activities, we are going to separate the post into parts. We hope that our baby shower blogs will help give you some great ideas for your very own geeky shower fun!

STEP 1: Choose a Baby Shower Theme

There is no shortage of geek pride around here so a geeky vibe is an absolute must. Because we love all things geeky, what’s better then a geeky theme shower!

Geek and Trendy baby Shower

Since Florence’s hubby is in the medical field, Sara decided to give the party a geeky mad science atmosphere.

Geek and Trendy baby Shower Image 2

To round out the theme, Florence let her pregnancy cravings determine the rest of the baby shower theme. Brunch!!! Pancake bites?  French toasts? YUM!

Geek and Trendy baby Shower Image 3

And that’s how this baby shower came to be known as the Geek and Trendy Baby Brunch!

Food food food

Here’s a sneak peek at some geeky party decorations.  Some decorations Sara purchased and some were made.

Geek and Trendy baby Shower Image 4

As well as a sneak peek at the Geek and Trendy swag that party goers received for winning games (Geek and Trendy original mugs) and “thank you” gifts ( Geek and Trendy’s Team Einstein tote bag). Cute right? Read our next blog for more geeky shower fun!

Geek and Trendy baby Shower Image 5

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